Best Unreal game development company in India

Have you wondered why many of today’s most popular games are developed using the Unreal engine? It is unsurprising because of Unreal’s innumerable features, especially Unreal Game development company in India, like Parallel Galaxies, to create compelling action and realistic games for gamers worldwide.

Gaming has gone beyond the traditional form of entertainment, as games are now the new form of engagement and interactive medium. You will find many categories in gaming, such as social gaming, play-to-earn, portable game assets and mixed reality experiences. Top Unreal game developers, like Parallel Galaxies, use several high-end technologies such as game engines, gameplay mechanics and more. Gaming is moving at an unbelievable pace, which may soon dominate other sectors in terms of financial gains.

Best Unreal game development company in India

Parallel Galaxies has the best set of skilled professionals and resources to be the best Unreal game development company in India. Having the technical expertise and experience to utilize critical technologies like the Unreal engine to support game development is a huge boosting factor in developing some of the best gaming projects.

 How Parallel Galaxies uses the Unreal engine

Let us look at what the Unreal gaming tool offers developers and how the gaming industry benefits from using the Unreal engine.

The Unreal engine has been used to make some of the cult games of our times, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which shows how indispensable Unreal is to the gaming industry. Creating universes and games with a concept and tool that allows your wildest imagination to become a reality has drawn developers to associate with Unreal gaming development.

As a company with longstanding experience, Parallel Galaxies has passionately provided Unreal gaming development services. They know that the engine has a high degree of portability, allowing users to use it on various platforms. With tools such as the Unreal engine, the firm has taken steps to become part of the fast-growing global gaming market.

Unreal Game Platform Development by Parallel Galaxies

Over the years, the Unreal Game Platform Development has seen several iterations of the engine, allowing developers more flexibility each time, which could include creating custom maps in the game. Another reason our developers are biased in choosing only Unreal Engine as part of the game development technology stack is because modders could jump in and put together their own content for others to check out and play.

Unreal engine makes use of C++ as it provides stability and good memory allocation; hence, it is a popular choice among our development team. Optimized 3D environments can be created easily with Unreal, giving an upper hand to 3D developers. This tool is free and a great way for beginners to try their hand at gaming; however, professionals at Parallel Galaxies will know exactly how to choose the right options and optimize the features with the right code and graphics used to create highly complex games.

Several gaming companies have jumped into the foray of game development as gaming revenue is a trillion-dollar industry. Not to be left behind, Parallel Galaxies is creating immersive gaming experiences and is leading the leaderboard in terms of skill and creativity in many projects.

Benefits of hiring Parallel Galaxies for Unreal Game Development

Unreal engine is just the tool developers will want in their kitty for gaming development. It gives the power to create realistic games and provide life-like terrain, foliage, and other kinds of environments for gamers to explore. Having an Unreal tool while developing a game enables a Parallel Galaxies developer to work on delivering visual grandeur without diminishing the gameplay mechanics. Here is a list of benefits developers are attracted to, making it a part of their gaming development.

Since the tool allows Blueprint Visual scripting systems, writing a single line of code is unnecessary. However, professionals prefer to use C++ language. Leading Unreal game developers and designers love to use the Unreal tool as it offers a wide range of options to create complex scene effects. The various parameters may overwhelm the user. Moreover, as you proceed to develop the game, selecting the right concepts becomes easier.

Our developers use Unreal engine to:

  • Create extensive environments
  • Physically-based rendering
  • Add depth and complexity to non-playing characters with the help of AI
  • Enable gameplay complexity
  • Allow scalable multiplayer framework
  • Built an interactive environment

Parallel Galaxies has been a boon for Unreal game development in India. Since they have extremely talented developers who are well versed in AR/VR and mixed reality using the Unreal engine, developers can look forward to using its complex rendering at high framerates to deliver the best gaming experience, and their portfolio boasts of Unreal game case studies.

Hire Unreal Game Developer from Parallel Galaxies

When developing high-quality games, gaming firms look to candidates who know how to work with some of the most popular gaming tools trending in the market. Unreal Engine is definitely one of the tools that our qualified developers utilize. Creating immersive experiences requires stunning visuals and interactive applications, which Unreal can provide with its innumerable features.

Seeking the right candidate to fit the job profile may seem tedious. The most basic requirement, especially for Unreal game development, is proficiency in using the Unreal engine while optimizing the game using its features. It’s vital to know the C++ programming language the best game development practices, and have experience in game development concepts. Familiarity with relevant platforms will ensure they can handle the game development assignment well.

Those who want games developed by skilled and reputed Indian Unreal game developers can hire Parallel Galaxies. Clients can trust the developers from this gaming company because of their years in this business and their success rate. They have hand-picked a team of proficient developers specializing in game development. The skilled technicians have trained and worked on several high-end projects using the latest technologies. They can work with any platform, language, tool, etc., to provide the client with the best gaming outcomes.

Why we are the best for Unreal gaming development

Parallel Galaxies is known for its extensive experience in gaming development. We have a committed team for UE games to provide great immersive experiences with exciting gameplay mechanics.

Our developers offer to provide:

  • Full-cycle unreal game development
  • AR/VR/MR based development
  • Game porting to real engine
  • Excellence in art & animation
  • Upgrading UE version
  • Game testing
  • Perfect delivery pipeline
  • End-to-end project testing

Our team of specialists with various functional expertise and backgrounds will successfully provide the best gaming development project.


The unreal gaming community is vast, and developers here are big supporters of each other. Whether you choose to get a project greenlighted with Unreal engine, Parallel Galaxies happens to be your best bet, with several projects headlined by this gaming development firm over the years. They have updated themselves with the latest Unreal engine features and worked on making impactful gaming developments.



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