Best Unity 3D Game Development Companies in India

Are you an aspiring gamer interested in Unity game development? Then, it’s the perfect time to join the bandwagon because the gaming market is booming, and there is definitely a demand for our excellent Unity 3D game development company in India.

Best Unity 3D game developers in India

Gaming companies in India know that the game development market is at its prime. However, it is still competitive. One of the leading Unity 3D game developers, Parallel Galaxies, uses expert personnel and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best solutions while staying ahead of the competition. The tools and expertise enable them to create games that have high-definition graphics with realistic characters. Their developers can dream of making the best interface design to create a highly rewarding experience.

What is Unity 3D, and how is it used?

Game production requires many tools and techniques to develop complex and unique games. It is one of the most used gaming tools in Unity, which forms a major part of the game development and production process. Developers use it to take care of 3D rendering, physics, and collision because the built-in physics of Unity takes care of every detail. Several video games on 2D and 3D use this tool as it prevents them from beginning programming from scratch.

Parallel Galaxies has established itself as one of the best Unity 3D game development companies in India. They are an excellent game development unit that designs high-quality graphics and advanced UI. They even design decentralized platforms and multi-currency wallets with the intent of social gaming possibilities in every corner of the world.

Unity 3D Gaming Industry Overview

Most of the gaming industry has found Unity to be the most useful game engine and compatible across multiple devices. Having several robust features makes it an easy choice for game developers to build both 2D and 3D game designs. A number of successful gaming projects, either large or small, have used Unity for its resources, including instant assets, IDE, online community assistance, free tutorials, and intuitive tools.

Gaming development needs specialized professionals. You can hire a Unity 3D game developer team like Parallel Galaxies, which has been able to build and consolidate over the years. Having superior levels of expertise and skills in Unity 3D game development has paved the way for delivering exceptional design, artwork, and creativity along with testing & production.

Unity 3D Game Platform Development

Key challenges in developing the Unity 3D game platform.

Top gaming companies in the world and India have vouched for Unity 3D for gaming development. Most mobile games are developed using this tool. Discover how we, leading Unity 3D game development companies in India, like Parallel Galaxies, leverage Unity’s unique features for crafting exceptional mobile games. Explore the possibilities:

  • Great support for 2D and 3D games, enabling exceptional graphics and native AR/VR. Even third-party tools and services can be used to build AR/VR games because Unity can also integrate them.
  • The developer finds it easy to design a UI with all the elements using Unity while switching to code when required.
  • Unity uses default coding languages Visual Studio (environment) C# and Unityscript, which makes it easier for developers to build strong code for the game.
  • Unity meets the requirements of most platforms (25+), making it universal, which is rare for a development tool.
  • Popularity among the community is vast and growing because a Unity developer job is one of the most sought-after. The community, however, also offers great tech support, hands-on manuals and overviews that help further the game development.
  • Mostly, Unity is a free tool, and some added features are priced, which comes with pricing schemes for developers.

With so many exciting features, shortcomings of the tool also happen to bug the developer. However, experts at Parallel Galaxies have found solutions for the same, such as:

  • A lot of choices can overwhelm you, and choosing the right one for developing the game may take time. Though features start from basic to complex, developers can make the changes as they go along.
  • Certain functions need coding before being used in the game; not all of them have direct usage. So, knowing the default languages of Unity will be handy in developing impressive games.
  • Visual Studio is Unity’s default environment. The developer may have to log in several times in the middle of the development process, which may be frustrating for some.
  • With innumerable features in Unity, some haven’t been documented; if they are, they are outdated. The community support does a great job when you request help.

Parallel Galaxies has been creating immersive gaming experiences with 3D Unity for some time now, and developers have understood the potential of the tool very well to help launch some of the best-known games using Unity 3D gaming development.

Our Unity 3D Game Development Services

Gaming companies offer complete and varied solutions in gaming development. Top Unity 3D game developers, Parallel Galaxies, bring to life the game from pre-production to post-production. There is ample scope for full-cycle development. Gaming project revamps and migrations as required. Companies also provide game developmental task outsourcing services to the Unity engine.

  • Building the game through authentication for each platform
  • Content management using cloud code, cloud content delivery, cloud save service, remote configuration, and user-generated content.
  • Using DevOps to build automation and have VCs for version control
  • Game hosting for multiplayer, providing lobby for players, helping operate multiplayer games, and providing peer-to-peer networking solutions.
  • The engagement of players can be gauged and analyzed, setting up overrides to target players to provide personalized in-game behavior and push notifications to selected players.
  • Help build community by using the Friends service to increase player engagement with the social system. Leaderboards store, sort and track the players’ scores. Vivox enables both voice and text technology with several features.
  • Crash reporting allows for cloud diagnostics from basic to advanced.
  • Finally, the game could be scaled up and monetized with Unity’s economy service. Also, there is a provision for in-app purchasing services as well.

Parallel Galaxies offers Unity 3D game development services worth looking out for as they provide the best in 3D modeling and animation, Unity Cross Platform gaming, Unity Metaverse game development, and Unity VR game development. The development team develops games for all genres with the assurance of high-quality game creation.

What we do the best

  • Provide end-to-end game development
  • Deliver LiveOps Services
  • Enable game prototyping
  • Develop multi-platform compatibility
  • Game porting and migration
  • AR/VR for gaming

We develop the best games for gamers across the globe with the help of certified developers at Parallel Galaxies. Every genre and gaming preference adheres to meet the gamers’ requirements. We work exclusively on UX-Driven design and development using the agile methodology to provide the best functional games. Our focus has been to hire a cross-functional and diverse team for gaming projects.


If you are looking for Unity 3D game development firms, look no further. We definitely make the mark with some of the best-skilled professionals working for us who have successfully driven several projects. We make the best use of your resources, take the risks for you, and help your business grow.



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