Hire Real Money Game Developer

Have you not enjoyed playing with real money and won? It is an amazing feeling to be entertained while playing and earning as you do so. This is possible when you’re playing Real Money games. Gamers across the world are now using their gaming skills and winning top tournaments and competitions to earn big money. Real Money gaming development in India is now one of the biggest attractions for players to join the gaming fraternity. With advanced technology and newer concepts storming gaming development, developers are making interesting real money games for game lovers.

Hire Real Money Game Developer

Gaming development is venturing into real-time 3D and interactive real-money apps. The gaming scene has changed and seems popular as players showcase their skills to earn bucks and be entertained simultaneously. To develop the best gaming experience apps, you must hire top real money developers, which is definitely challenging as there are definitely so many good developers in the market. Selecting talented developers needs proper hiring processes.

Parallel Galaxies has a great sense of trends and employs cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best games in every genre and concept. We have hired world-class real money game developers to develop and design some of the most loved games, especially real money games. Our developers’ team comprises more than 100+ developers with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds committed to delivering better playing experiences to gamers worldwide.

Real Money Gaming Industry Overview

Gaming companies can only survive with grit and passion to bring new concepts and adapt to technological advancements. Only a good developers’ team understands the requirement and pursues relentlessly to deliver some of the best real-money gaming apps. The regulatory procedures are still under consideration. However, there is a scope for top-level real money games to go mainstream as the number of consumers has increased exponentially. The revenue generation for such games is rapid and stirring interest among the authorities. It is actually invoking them to work on policies and procedures in place for gamers to play in a safe and secure manner.

There is so much to real money games with the internet and smartphone penetration in the gaming space. You will find more players checking out in-play betting and cash-out features as it creates a more dynamic and interactive experience. The real money gaming development industry is fast moving towards merging entertainment with revenue generation for players.

Many gaming studios, like Parallel Galaxies, are applying futuristic technologies to cater to the emerging trends players love to play and earn using real money. Irrespective of gender, real money games are quite popular and are used by players across the globe. With highly skilled real money game developers at our development site, we can cater to the surging demand of the real money skill games market for various applications.

Key challenges of hiring real money game platform developer

The gaming company will not just hire a developer to build the structure of the game. They need a talent that will work on the overall look while focusing on the ideas to make it into playable games that create an engaging player experience.

Game developers need not just work for gaming studios. Several options exist for them to explore, such as video game publishers, marketing firms and advertising agencies, universities and educational institutions, eLearning providers and the Government. These job choices make it hard to find and hire best real money game developers as they may want to choose to work wherein the job is stable and pay is good.

Small or medium-sized gaming companies that work from project to project find it hard to pay high salaries. Sometimes, they may also outsource some of the work, so the developers hired (in-house) may not get to showcase their potential in its entirety. This aspect may pose a challenge in hiring the best and getting high-end developers to opt for such jobs. Yet there are so many talented developers out there, and they just need an opportunity to showcase their talent.

We have always had a keen eye for talent and expertise to hire top real money game developers. Parallel Galaxies looks to see excellent technical skills and proficiency in more than one programming language required for gaming development. They must have creativity and passion for online games. The aspirant should have problem-solving skills, knowledge about recent trends and good communication skills. A developer needs an analytical frame of mind and should be able to work in a team.

Hire Real Money Game Developer

Hiring a real money game developer may not be an easy task here. Developers write code for the game to feature gameplay mechanics to support real money for both wins and losses. The game development team should take care of safe and secure ways to ensure gamers’ personal and financial information.

The various duties when hiring real money game developers are listed below.

  • Know how to use game engines to build games and their elements utilizing the designer’s concepts.
  • Be a team player with other developers, designers, artists, etc., and know how to communicate and register the requirements of the game with others.
  • Knowing how to locate bugs and fix them may require rewriting the code to improve the game.
  • Be able to test the game at every level during the development process.
  •  The requirement to have project-specific expertise in using certain technologies, platforms, or programming languages

Parallel Galaxies looks forward to hiring real money developers who have specified qualifications in programming specialisms.

  • Developers need to know how to work from users’ perspective, involving design concepts and making the system user-friendly.
  • Must know how to build an efficient rendering engine and be aware of the tweaking features to make it available on other systems as well.
  • Ability to resolve hard optimizations and performance problems using the specified programming language
  • Know the server-side logic, login, and billing functions for larger online games.


The job market for game developers is on the upswing. With the required qualifications and experience, you get hands-on training in many firms as you join as a junior developer. With talent, upskilling with newer technologies, and learning to be more collaborative in the role, you can be the best performer on the team and eventually land headlining projects for the firm.



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