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Hire HTML5 Gaming Developer

Parallel Galaxies

Have you ever wondered how gaming got global attention in the recent decade or so? Developers across the globe worked on building exclusive, immersive and definitely addictive experiences with new-age technologies that gamers can’t wait to lap up what’s new in the market. Gaming firms have cross-functional teams with varied skill sets, and one among them is to hire HTML5 gaming developer.

Leading game development firms like Parallel Galaxies have some of the best HTML5 game developers in India. They know how to work with robust technologies like HTML5, a top pick to create games that are both cross-platform and cross-browser. Using the open-source code provided by the HTML5 game engine gives HTML game developers the freedom to create games for enhanced and entertaining experiences for gamers globally.

Hire HTML5 Gaming Developer

Let’s find out why HTML5 is an integral part of skillsets when hiring a gaming developer for your gaming development team.

HTML5 Gaming Industry Overview

We have already seen the nitty gritty of how demanding a gaming industry can be, especially when new games hit the market every other day, showcasing the latest technology and immersive content for gamers to lap up. Every HTML5 gaming developer has to focus on adapting to the changing market scenario while catering to the current demand as swiftly as possible without being redundant as a game creator.

The HTML5 game engine was initially developed to allow creators to develop their own games. Eventually, it became a staple for gaming companies to use as part of the technology stack for gaming development. Developers across the globe have found that using HTML5 for game development can enable them to deliver engaging and entertaining games while trending as the future of the global gaming business.

Parallel Galaxies has diligently complied with the latest technologies, including HTML5. Our efficient team of top HTML5 developers creating video games has found that HTML5 can make the game development process seem seamless with its ability to provide physics, audio, maps, animations etc. These features make HTML5 an indispensable tool that allows us to produce games of high functionality.

Challenges of hiring an HTML5 game platform developer

An HTML5 game developer needs to be proficient in mastering the art of design and the technicality of programming. Having this combination helps translate concepts into better visual functionality and engages gamers. As developers, they have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder,  including designing UI/UX wireframes and the visual elements of the application. Ultimately, the best HTML5 developers will actively play a role in bridging the gap between graphical design and its technical implementation.

Knowledge of specific game engines is a must, in this case, an HTML5 game engine—computer programming languages required for gaming development and a combination of various other technological skill sets. The developer’s creative side also cannot be ignored and should have graphics-related competencies.

Trending video games need a lot of work done apart from just coding and designing. Much needs to be comprehended, from figuring out the gameplay mechanics to modeling and prototyping. Parallel Galaxies has a leading HTML5 developers’ team with more know-how and experience, enabling them to work around time crunch, technological challenges and other impediments to deliver a return on investment.

The expertise and unique approach of  Parallel Galaxies.

Parallel Galaxies has consciously worked on hiring game developers with creativity and passion to collaborate. Our team consists of developers who are

  • Great at problem-solving
  • Excellent imagination and creativity
  • Can work under pressure and deliver
  • Meeting deadlines and staying on schedule
  • A keen eye for detail

Hiring Parallel Galaxies, HTML5 game developers have so many advantages because we are not just into developing applications but have our eyes set on exponential growth as we work on seeing bigger investments in gaming along with the technological progression—our gaming also stimulus to the merchandising appeal for the fandom of our games. The increased consumer base for our games as we provide immersive experiences has made us the gaming company of the future.

Hire HTML5 Game Developer

A dedicated HTML5 game developer needs to be part of every game development stage, which consists of planning, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch and finally, post-production.

Our HTML5 Developers know how to

  • Developing new user-facing features
  • Build reusable code and libraries that will be useful for future
  • Creating technically feasible UI/UX designs
  • Optimize the speed and scalability
  • Validation of all user input before backend submission
  • Collaborating with other team members and stakeholders

The skillsets that our developers possess to create those amazing games:

  • Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Knows CSS pre-processing platforms, including LESS and SASS
  • Well aware of SEO principles and applications comply with them
  • Skills in using code versioning tools like Git, Mercurial, SVN etc.
  • Knowledge of web standards being used
  • Knowing Javascript programming is an advantage, and DOM manipulation
  • Also, know how to work around cross-browser compatibility.

Our HTML5 game developers are competitive enough to work on any required framework library and technology for a particular game development.


Finding talented and qualified game developers may not be hard, but the ones that close the deal will be what you are looking for. Parallel Galaxies has developers for every specific game development. Working on different game engines and technological combinations is our forte. A cross-functional diaspora of more than 100+ developers deployed to help create notable games.


If you have any questions about the services we provide simply use the form below. We try and respond to all queries and comments within 24 hours.

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