About Simulation

Platform: PC Exe

About the project:

  • Interactive realtime PLC datafeed based simulation

Requirement/Project Scope:

  • Virtual 3d interactive visualisation for Electrical Arc Furnace(EAF)

Database Mode:

  • Interactive 3d Simulation for internal training where the software continuously read the database for commands which are getting stored from PLC and thus serve the exact replica of EAF.

Auto Mode:

  • Sequential programmatically controlled to show the total functional operation of EAF with minute details with realistic graphics. Each stage was facilitated with keyboard control to show how each and every parts operates for client demonstration purpose which will help them explain in front of client about EAF.

Company Benefit:

High end Presentation:

  • Presenting internal and external clients in visual and cost effective manner the new idea or R&D initiative to generate new business opportunity . Presenting operation flow with 3D visual effect provides clients a feeling of virtual reality. This can reduce the cost of sales and marketing by reducing the cross country travel and presentation expenses.

Training & Development:

  • The 3D simulation can be best used in off site training to the cliets with virtual reality effect. This can reduce the cost of training and risk in training in real life environment.

Safety and security:

  • Virtual reality can show effectively the risk involved in operation and impact there on.


  • If some wrong value data is sent to system either by out of range or absurd in nature, our simulation is smart enough to tackle such situation either by adjusting itself within valid range or denying with necessary message.

Data capturing on real life operation to support management :

  • Original device movement command is being sent via PLC which is getting stored in database and fed into simulation with accuracy scale up to 5 digit followed by decimal point.

Product Features:

  • Accuracy and perfection: Simulation will be programmed based on real life data with up to 5 digit precision in decimal value.
  • Reading PLC-Database: Command from PLC can be read from database interface and simulation will react almost instantaneously once update in database.
  • Manual and auto control: Both stepwise automation with pause/replay and manual control whenever required, will be offered.
  • Suitable camera position: To view in detail for smaller part of the machine functionality can be facilitate with predefined camera position by pressing some key from keyboard.
  • Navigation within virtual world: Using navigation keys, user can roam around in the virtual factory like video games.
  • Stunning visual and audio effects: Both audio-visual effects will be applied to make simulation appealing.
  • Realistic physics and collision system: By applying real time physics, look and feel of the simulation is taken to natural world scenario.
  • Support for multiplatform: Platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, Web/Browser and even iOS,Android smart phone can be delivered.



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