Platform: Android Mobile and iOS iPhone iPad

About the project:

  • A competitive game that people enjoy playing with Social Colleagues and Friends. The Showdown game is pretty simple on rules but requires good hand-eye coordination to ace the game.


  • The Showdown is one of the most Competitive fast-paced games which has been a fast-paced Competitive game for a few years. Players must drive the Car with one hand and aim to break the Balloon of the Opponents car with their water Gun, but they need to avoid having their Balloon broken in the process. The ultimate goal for players is to be the last Stand in the battle. Once the balloon breaks that participant will be considered a Knockout. The Team with Most Cars left once the time ends wins. This Game must be completed in 15 minutes.

Game rules & Logics

Faction Selection

  • Players will automatically be placed in a faction using random mode in quick match.
  • Only in a custom match players will have freedom to choose Between Random Mode and Manual Mode.
  • Random Mode – This Mode will place Player in one of the factions randomly.
  • Manual Mode – Allows user to pick the Particular faction only in custom match.

Team types

  • There are 2 Types of factions inside the game currently.
  • Team Red – Will have Cars of Red colour, Water gun and Water inside the gun will also be Red Colour.
  • Team Blue – Will have Cars of Blue colour, Water gun and Water inside the gun will also be Blue Colour.



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