Ninja Dawn

About Ninja Dawn

Platform: PC Exe , PC Browser , Android Mobile and iOS iPhone iPad

About the project:

  • High Concept
  • Ninja dawn is a turn-based game inspired by Final fantasy X and modernized to the new concepts of our era. Is oriented to be a NFT game. Leaving many of its parts to be able to get them with buying NFTs.
  • The theme of the game is Japanese culture, and a lot of mystic monsters from this mentioned culture.

Game Concept

  • The gameplay of Ninja Dawn. Player needs to start with a turn-based fight that will explain how to play. This fight in particular shows the beginning of Ninja Dawn story. Player will start with your character selecting the scroll you want to use to attack. In this case is the basic attack. After finishing player turn the enemy attacks back. After that another character that’s with Player attacks. And the sequence repeat. After finishing the intro and tutorial Player have to play a minimum of 100 games and must win 50 games to open map to start player Story Mode containing only two quests as of now and more would be unlocked in the future. A player who completes the 2 Quest will gain a Rare Warrior with 3 Scrolls for 10 Rounds as reward for the story completion. And will Automatically gets Notified once new Storyline added in the game.


  • Ninja down would be a turn-based game where Player has to fight 1vs 1 battle with opponent using scrolls and win. Entering a game needs a character NFT containing 5 Common scrolls. Entering a Fight needs game tokens as entry fee and winner among the players will take 80% as winning amount from the total. A player can take 3 Warriors in the Fight by selecting and applying the default warriors before the match.
  • The good aspect of this is that Warriors have a different role in the game. From support, to tank, to assassin and so on. So, this temporal character helps to make the player create their own experience. If this wasn’t enough of an original experience



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