About Gigaspace

Platform: PC Exe , PC Browser , Android Mobile and Oculus Quest 2 , iOS iPhone iPad , Mac DMG

About the project:

  • The year the Earth is no longer habitable.
  • The dark age that trades are hampered by politics.
  • The dark age that little has changed for those in the bottom of society.
  • The dark age that galactic superpowers become wealthier every day with vast wealth of resources.
  • We, the rebels, want change. We travel across the stars.
  • We search for galaxies outside the law and senseless interstellar wars.
  • We build our own Utopia…
  • where superpowers and capital cannot exercise control over our lives,
  • where everyone’s thoughts and contribution are valued,
  • where we can truly free ourselves.
  • Power to the people. Power to the people, right on.



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