Why Parallel Galaxies is one of the best game development companies

Parallel Galaxies is one of the best the best game development companies because of their technical expertise, constantly game innovation and proven record of delivering high engaging games.
Our commitments to player engagement and community building further reinforce our standing one of the best game development companies globally

Can you tell us about the process you follow?

We follow several steps to develop a game.
Concept: This is where we do initial planning like concept, design, story and art.
Pre-production: In this phase, planning and prototyping take place. After the planning, we create a roadmap. It also includes game type, platform, target audience and budget.
Production: This is the phase where we develop the actual game and it includes coding, graphics, arts, sound, music and voice acting.
Testing: At this stage, a game is fully developed having all the features however to ensure game is ready to go, we carry a series of test including functionalities, playtrough , bug, module, memory and all.
Pre-launch and launch: We recommend pre-lunch. Let the game industry knows about our game. We share game review, blog, news, and screenshot so the audience get to know about this. And then we launch the game
Post-launch support: As games are dynamic, we keep updating the game in terms of content, code, features.
Community engagement: We reach out to player community to take feedback about the game. This helps us to create a fan base.

What is game development?

Basically game development is a process of create a game of different genres including adventures, sports, casino, action to name a few for a specific platform such as mobile (android iOS), Web, PC, Xbox and PS4. No matter what type game to be developed it has go through various steps.



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