Best gaming app development company in India

You might not have seen a place where people aren’t on their phones, have you? Most people on the planet seem to own a phone, and the penetration of the internet in the remotest areas got the developers thinking of harnessing this excessive dependency on phones to make gaming apps and finding the best gaming app development company in India to make them is now easier. The current generation of gamers loves challenging, action-packed, and exciting games. Whether the levels are easy or complex and the choice to play the want to makes it more fun, this freedom has made the craze for gaming apps the latest trend for everyone.

Best gaming app development company in India

Parallel Galaxies is the best application game development company in India. As we know, what goes into making a game is right from an accurate plan, design, implementation strategy, and distribution. Our efficient team has all the expertise to make a successful pre-production, production, and post-production project development a reality.

Let’s look at how unique gameplay can be executed with the help of talented gaming app developers while building a solid monetization strategy so that it gets listed as one of the top games. You can find all this and more through our informative blog here.

Application Gaming Industry Overview

Mobile gaming apps have dominated the market and garnered different audiences, from casual to hardcore gaming genres. Gaming developers are tapping into the enormous market potential for application development for mobile users because of unprecedented revenue generation.

Parallel Galaxies always had the potential to excel in gaming app ideas. With an expert team of developers whose passion thrives on developing the best game app possible that caters to the audience’s personality. Gaming application development is made for mobile, web and desktop applications. Depending on the features, technology stack, and platforms required to develop the gaming app, the cost of making them will vary significantly.

Application Game Platform Development

Discuss the key aspects and challenges of application game platform development.

Like several gaming app development firms, Parallel Galaxies is creating immersive gaming experiences. Every gaming project has created a more extensive user base due to unique gaming concepts and engaging in-app experiences. Providing a steady stream of new content enables gamers to stay loyal to the game and feel worth the investment.

The risks of building a gaming application also make it hard for first-time developers or low-budget game investments. Building apps with the latest technologies and making them compatible with various platforms often poses budget constraints. While building the apps, top gaming application developers also need to focus on security, legal, and other issues.

Providing high customer support and security measures in the application helps resolve such problems. When you hire gaming application developer, they know how to work around issues because of years of expertise, and dealing with gaming development projects would help them overcome such glitches in the testing stages. Constant review and upgrade of the app’s tech will help prevent the above-escalating problems.

Our Robust Application Gaming Platform Development Process

Parallel Galaxies has always followed a structured development process for gaming app development.

  • We have experts brainstorming concepts and game ideas while drawing inspiration from existing successful games yet working on unique experiences. We work through the various stages of the game to build on the storyline with well-defined characters, along with rewards and monetization for the gamer.
  • Strategic elements of game development need perfect execution according to the decided game idea. Each component, such as graphics, gameplay, technicalities, game development, and marketing, has a definitive role in the way the game shapes up using the required gaming app development technology stack.
  • Before taking up the project, budget discussion for gaming app development is crucial. While discussing the cost of the project, the need to determine the ROI is equally important for game investors to plug into the project.
  •  Leading gaming app developers know how to make the game a market-ready product. They understand it involves time and resources, such as building a game design document, platform selection and designing a mobile game, game testing, selecting genres and categories, working on the game’s complexity, and deciding the game engine’s choice, all required funds.
  • Knowing the nuances of administration and payment systems for different platforms when picking a bigger market size because of the increased reach becomes a crucial step for gaming app development.
  • It is now a trend to build apps for mobiles, and mobile gaming is shooting through the roof in terms of sales and revenue generation. The Indian gaming app development expertise understands that building a game requires choosing the right game engine that goes well with the developed gaming app’s back-end technology.
  • Design and graphics experts in the team have the most important work, which deals with having sufficient experience in design, technology, architecture, elements, gameplay etc., to create an engaging experience for the gamer. The gaming app development service provider will work on the scenery and eye-catching graphics, as well as non-playing characters, play a part like an environment, objects, textures, and many more to enhance the game at various levels.
  • After designing and developing the gaming app, leading to a prototype of the game, it needs testing. This will reveal whether the game has incorporated the crucial parts of the essential mechanics. The testing will check on the functionalities and glitches that may have gone unnoticed. Each part of the game, beginning with its features, app back-end, navigation, and technologies, is fully analyzed.
  • While building a game, as developers, we know that an effective monetization for the gaming app needs to be in place: monthly subscription model, in-app purchasing, premium versions, sponsored ads, etc., that could meet the revenue generation template.

Parallel Galaxies is an Indian gaming app developer with a reputation for providing reliable and quality projects. Over the years, taking up challenging app development assignments that needed customization, fixed budgets, timeframes, and, most importantly, engaging audiences have empowered our team to take on any complex app-building tasks and deliver the best each time.


Huge opportunities for gaming applications. Several gamers partner with game app creation companies to develop engaging and fun apps. However, ensuring the games get leveled up and keeping the players entertained for a long time is the key to popular game app development. This requires hiring the right developers to build highly scalable apps for any platform using the latest tech and trends to meet player expectations.

About Show Down Game

A whole breed of gamers is now getting addicted to fast-paced competitive games. Metaverse gaming development has given recourse to gaming communities waiting for the next trending game to compete and win.

  • A great concept allowing the players to have a place for social interaction
  • It’s a game that works on abilities and helps the players get better as they play in a fun way.
  • A player can play, compete and win in a metaverse game with an immersive experience.
  • The players can earn their money with each win and save it.
  • Though players don’t do different things, the joy of defeating their opponents fuels the urge to go on playing.
  • The last man standing in this game is the winner
  • There is a time limit for game completion (15 minutes)

Since the game goes on to be fast-paced and competitive, it is one exhilarating gameplay that makes you go back repeatedly.

About Show Down

About Show Down project

Show Down is an amazing metaverse game that is absolutely fun and requires only good hand-eye coordination, which may take a bit of practice to ace the game and have some big wins come along. The gamers have to race and aim at the opponents’ balloons, and they would do the same with water guns as the only weapons to do so.

Breaking most balloons, obviously the opponents’ and maintaining your balloons is the ultimate goal of being in the game till the end. Losing the ballon will make the player a ‘knockout.’ The team with the most cars with balloons intact wins the Show Down.

Game concept

Developing a game concept for the Show Down was an enjoyable process. Looking at the trending popular games showcased that fast and easy games with interesting designs often catch gamers’ attention rather than complex games.

  • The game has factions that players cannot get to pick and are randomly allocated with a quick match.
  • When you play custom match players that’s when you can choose to play in random mode or manual mode

(random mode: random placement of players and manual mode: players can choose the faction)


It is an exciting mix of gameplay mechanics, from designing the layout for the race and interesting landscape to accommodate the storyline for the players to have an engaging experience as they traverse and try to outdo the opponents.

  • The game has players to choose or get picked into factions and play for the win.
  • Destroying another’s balloon and getting far away from the reach of opponents in this adrenaline-pumping game makes the players want to go in to play more.
  • Escaping your balloon’s destruction is what keeps the players on their toes.
  • Having a knockout isn’t bad, but not avenging it is bad on your scorecard.

(team blue with blue cars, water gun and water, while team red with red cars, water gun and water)

About Warchain

Battle or war-themed games are quite popular among gamers across the globe. Numbers actually justify that players of all ages seem to love this genre compared to the rest. Warchain perfectly fits in with an exciting storyline and ultimate test of strategy for the gamer.

  • The game extensively utilizes blockchain gaming.
  • The game offers strategic depth and excitement.
  • The scale of warfare sets the motion for this game.
  • If you are looking for a wholesome RPG adventure, Warchain is the game you should be fixated on.
Warchain game

About Warchain project

The development team has worked on several high-end technologies to create a game that will enrapture gamers’ minds. Unreal5, Maya, SubstancePainter and Workshop are prominently used to make Warchain a concept-based immersive experience-based game. This game can run on PC EXE and uses Polygon Blockchain.

The Warchain game allows players to enhance their power and reputation when they get into battle mode. The player can choose to become a warrior with distinct styles, a display of which during the course of the game.

Game concept

Unlike other war games developed using metaverse, Warchain hasn’t’ followed the typical route of using an unsustainable P2E model. Developers have worked on a different methodology to achieve a higher level of solutions to beat other projects in making this game.

  • Adding metaverse to the war game has made it better to several notches.
  • The game has been built with MMO RPG as part of the game concept to integrate it into the metaverse ecosystem.
  • Parallel Galaxies has long been in game development, and working beyond traditional gaming standards to make formidable blockchain games like Warchain is our forte.
  • The game remains exciting despite our development team pushing boundaries to work out complex and innovative solutions and finding the right balance regarding blockchain technology used to create the game concept that could reach gamers across the globe.

Battles need several players; hence, a massive, multiplayer game requiring online roleplaying, such as Warchain, does have a great standing in gaming communities. It develops great competitiveness and interaction as players create their own narratives.


The developers have beautifully accommodated efficient gameplay mechanics for the initial 7 races. Each perspective has been considered, like the storyline showcasing the local history, culture, and architectural style. The localizing has been incorporated right down to the location of the battles.

Warchain metaverse game has been painstakingly developed with a well-designed gameplay. The game showcases realistic aspects with the use of AI; however, a fun sci-fi twist allows the gamer to engage with the game better.

  • Players can choose class and specialization for selectable races.
  • Several questlines need to be conquered in the course of the game
  • Group invasions and battles can happen for dungeons and raids
  • Creation of endgame experiences with storylines based on the races
  • A neutral central town is part of the Warchain universe, which all players can access regardless of their level.
  • Nonplaying characters can converse in this section and get to be part of the unique gamified blockchain experience.
  • Players can get VR experience in this area alone.

(The Warchain game includes an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, LP farming, a launchpad, customizable NFT land and integrated partnership projects.)

About STS

STS is an exciting metaverse game built by our developers to win and customize their land and assets. The game creates an amazing space for players in the virtual world to interact with each other in a decentralized ecosystem.

  • The game allows players to buy virtual plots of land on the platform.
  • Players can create their own experiences in the virtual space.
  • The concept is similar to other existing popular metaverse games.
  • The developers have worked on creating eye-catching aesthetics.
  • The game is definitely a step up in technological innovation.
STS game

About the STS project

While developing STS, we embarked on creating a new social platform and not limiting the players to only gaming. Our goal was to ensure interaction among gamers and build communities. The entire STSVC universe uses a high-end tech stack of Unity3D, Maya, Substance, Painter, and Photoshop. The game works well on PC EXE, PC browser, Android mobile, iOS iPhone, and iPads, allowing gamers to enjoy their gaming experiences on devices of their choice.

Developers have used X blockchain to power the virtual reality platform for the STSVC. The land ownership feature in this game consists of a decentralized ledger. It is a protocol put in place for describing the content of each land parcel for the gamers’ benefit. The gamers can look forward to peer-to-peer interactions during play. Usage of a dedicated network specifically created to ensure players can know and form associations with other gamers during the course of play.

Game concept

Parallel Galaxies has reworked and innovated several gaming concepts to adhere to the trends, and STSVC is one such game that takes gamers by surprise. It is built to create experiences never felt before for players, as they can buy and own parcels of land during play. It provides an incredible chance to earn funds for both content and applications.

The player needs to know a few things about the game:

  • STSVC is made up of parcels of land
  • Players can monetize these land parcels
  • Each land parcel is 16m X 16m, called basic
  • Other land parcels are exclusive
  • Experiences are created on one or more land parcels called scenes.
  • The player gets into an X contract after buying a land parcel, which becomes a digital asset or an NFT.
  • The land parcels are identified by Cartesian coordinates (x,y)
  •  Game cryptocurrency is used to purchase land parcels.
  • The currency works like a token for the game.

After understanding the above features of the game, the players can ultimately take charge of creating and controlling the environments, applications, and even the static 3D scene to become more interactive.


The developers have worked hard to ensure the gameplay mechanics are a notch above most games, giving players a free hand so that they can create, experience and monetize content and applications. The game has various dimensions that enable players to work on their creativity and make changes as they play. They also benefit by taking on ownership duties as they buy parcels of land using the tokens.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that can help the gamer navigate the game successfully

  • Landowners can control the kind of content to be published on their portion of land.
  • The ownership of the STSVC is by the community, which controls all its creations.
  • Ownership of land is through a blockchain ledger of parcels.
  • The land parcel is a scarce and transferable digital asset
  • The bought land is stored in X smart contracts.
  • The token is ERC20, known as game cryptocurrency, and can be used to purchase in-world digital goods and services.
  • Tokens or game currency are obtained by playing events and then used in the game for land purchases.
  • Gamers can purchase virtual land, skins, clothes and accessories as NFTs.
  • Purchases will be recorded and attached to the user’s wallet.
  • The players can resell their NFTs in the open sea market or the Biance marketplace.

About Ninja Dawn

Ninja Dawn is an amazing new game developed by one of the leading metaverse game developers in India, Parallel Galaxies. Of the several new projects, Ninja Dawn is one of their high-concept games built by an efficient gaming development team using Unity3D, Maya, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

The creators of the game have added several aspects that excite gamers. Apart from providing an immersive experience, this game has many incredible elements, making it one of our best gaming projects.

About Ninja Dawn
  • Ninja Dawn can run on all platforms like PC EXE, PC browser, Android mobile, iOS iPhone, and iPad.
  • The game has drawn inspiration from Final Fantasy X but with a whole lot more changes incorporated in terms of innovation and graphics.
  • The gamer will find a contemporary setting, seemingly the era and ambiance suited to modern times, enabling gamers to fit into the game easily.
  • Adding NFT to this metaverse game lets players check out in-play buying. (there are specified parts for this)
  • Ninja Dawn is definitely set against the backdrop of a theme based on Japanese culture.
  • The concept has a storyline that includes monsters, referencing Japanese culture.

About the project

Ninja Dawn is an exciting game anticipated by gamers who love this genre. The Development team has worked very hard to ensure that it has a compelling storyline concept-based metaverse game. The gamer can not only play but buy NFTs, which is the USP of the game. Every part of the team worked on building the character sketch to pre-rendered backgrounds to make the game interesting.

A seamless transition during the battles forms the story’s natural part. Creating exacting field maps and allowing players to move around the landscape during enemy encounters is a marvelous take on design and development. Our developers have used new techniques to recreate elements to work with the battle strategy of the game, making it more interactive for the gamer.

Game concept

The story begins with a player selecting their character in the Ninja Dawn for the fight. Let’s now check how the gameplay follows:

  • The play starts with a fight and choosing the weapon of choice from the scroll.
  • The fight can begin after choosing the weapon from the scroll, beginning with a basic attack.
  • The player will attack the enemy as part of the combat, and there will be to and fro in terms of attacks that ensue during the game.
  • The player also has a mate who will help during the fight.
  • The player’s friend will continue to attack the enemy.
  • The player also gets to fight, and this carries on.
  • This is part of the game intro and tutorial.
  • To reach the next level, story mode, the player must play at least 100 games and win 50 of them.
  • After that, the player gets to open the map to start playing story mode.
  • The story has two quests for the player to conquer (as of now, more will be unlocked in the future)
  • A player who completes these two quests will receive 3 scrolls and 10 rounds as a reward.
  • The player will also get a Rare Warrior title for completing the story.

 (The player gets notified when a new storyline is added to the game)


Parallel Galaxies has built this game, analyzing every aspect of gameplay and how it can become an adventurous and fulfilling gaming experience. Here are some of the tips and tricks for the gamer to be aware of while playing to get through all levels successfully:

  • Since Ninja Dawn is a turn-based game, choosing the main player and taking turns to fight the enemy in a one-on-one fight will be important.
  • The players need to use the scrolls efficiently and get their wins with the opponents.
  • Here, the NFT is a character required by the player, which holds the 5 scrolls at the very beginning of the game.
  • Game tokens are required to play the game and form a part of the entry fee to participate in the fight.
  •  The winner of the fight gets 80% of the winning amount from the total tokens.
  • The players can choose 3 warriors for the fight by selecting default warriors before the fight commences.
  • Each warrior chosen has a different role to play in the game.
  • The warriors are tasked to provide support, use the tank, assassinate etc.

Hire iOS Game Developer

Have you thought about why most developers choose to develop on the two of the most popular platforms? The answer is easy: Android and iOS have most apps designed for them by the most skilled developers with the most revenue generation. Companies that have ventured into game development seek the best in the business to make successful projects work. You will find one of the best iOS gaming development companies in India, Parallel Galaxies, which has pioneered customized and evolving iOS gaming apps that meet client goals.

Hire iOS Game Developer

High-quality iOS games are topping gaming charts as developers constantly work on out-of-the-box iOS solutions. Gaming studios need to hire iOS game developers who can not only make gaming apps engaging and exciting but also be feature-rich, adhering to market trends.

Let’s look into some of the perfect processes for hiring skilled iOS game developers for India’s best iOS gaming app development.

iOS Gaming Industry Overview

Games have undergone major transition since the early days of iOS gaming app development. With recent cutting-edge technologies and trends in gaming and the rise of communities, gamers have a massive advantage in picking genres, content, concepts, looking for revenue, graphics etc., which could be major attractions for gamers to get excited about the game.

Heartening numbers indicate a 25% rise in iOS downloaded with the rise in mobile gaming. Gaming companies have consolidated their position over the years to earn immense growth with new technologies that are creating opportunities for aspiring game developers and publishers across the globe.

Parallel Galaxies has picked on the trend and is keeping up with the advanced tools used to make iOS games more engaging and exciting for gamers.

Challenges of hiring an IOS game platform developer

Game developers for iOS platforms don’t come cheap as they come with years of experience and have definitely worked on some of the biggest names, which makes it difficult to make do with one of the criteria not matching completely. Larger gaming studios and firms can afford to invest in such developers and, in turn, encash their talents. Smaller and midsize firms must work on finding and hiring iOS game developers with less experience, outsourcing, or finding freelancers to do what is needed.

The stricter guidelines make the iOS platform comparatively more difficult to develop than Android. Even the most minor mistake can cause the gaming app to be rejected from the app store.

Parallel Galaxies utilizes the Agile and DevOps approaches to work on client expectations. We believe in timely delivery and high-quality products because we have hired experts to deliver the best solutions using the latest iOS technologies.

The expertise and unique approach of  Parallel Galaxies

When we approach candidates for placements on our development team, we often check whether they are the top iOS game developers with the following qualities.

  •  Deep understanding of the platform
  • Gauge different target audiences
  • Can deliver an impeccable product
  • Able to execute artistic inputs
  • Work on high-quality game development
  • Know how to work towards optimized implementation
  • Create maximum player engagement and game performance

Our ethics and service models have been developed over the years with passion and dedication to deliver the best at all times as we seek to hire the best iOS developers for our firm. They must have the skillset and qualifications to handle projects with flair to make every project affordable and satisfy clients.

  • Be able to work on full-cycle iOS game development and the game engines involved for the same.
  • iOS game developers know how to work on complex technologies and a wide variety of assets required for iOS game development.
  • Well-versed in UI/UX designing as it forms the crux of iOS games to be visually intuitive and the right selection of aesthetic interface.
  • Skills to enhance performance through control-based development, ensuring quality and achieving desired results.
  • An iOS game developer should have mastered design compatibility and social integration.
  • Know how to balance gameplay based on retention rates
  • Help improve or fix monetization options

At Parallel Galaxies, we encourage ideas no matter their hierarchy in the team while working on a project. Every iOS game development uses meticulous research and consideration of various phases. Knowing the hiring of iOS game developers is crucial to every company’s success. Moreover, as a leading gaming development company, we play a major role in nurturing the best talent.

Hire iOS Game Developer

Every gaming development company searches for an eclectic blend of various skill sets that make reputed iOS game developers stand out from the crowd. The technical skills that design aptitude to produce interactive games that go beyond just concept building, designing, graphics, and game mechanics right down to testing and releasing the game for public consumption.

Technology has made bringing in different elements easier and making the game more interesting. However, the long list of options, learning various tools and building upon complexity in design and graphics can go crazy if developers cannot keep up. The relevancy for the job or retention as a developer is through continuous learning and upskilling with new tech.

Our company, Parallel Galaxies, strongly believes in searching for developers who have an innate passion for gaming and developing it through the use of excellent technical abilities and a detailed understanding of the iOS gaming system. We understand that bringing a game to life requires the top iOS game developer to have experience and perception of playable reality as the game requires.


As you navigate the various skills and qualities that make Parallel Galaxies, find the best iOS developer for your project. Excellent profiles and experience may be the top criteria for seeking a developers’ team and hiring an iOS game developer who fits in it. However, additional skills that count to make the project successful are problem-solving qualities, good communication, and creativity. Adapting to the situation and working with the team makes us different from hundreds of game developers.

Hire Desktop Game Developer

If you are on the lookout for a seasoned desktop game developer to level up your gaming project, your quest ends here! Our blog explores the essential considerations and advantages of hiring a desktop game developer. From crafting visually stunning AAA titles to bringing unique indie games to life, our experienced team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that transcend conventional gaming experiences. Join us on a journey through the intricacies of hiring a desktop game developer, and discover how their expertise can shape the future of your gaming endeavors. Dive into the world of game development with insights, tips, and a roadmap for finding the perfect developer for your next gaming masterpiece.

Hire Desktop Game Developers for captivating and tailored gaming experiences.

Hire Desktop Game Developer from Parallel Galaxies

Did you know that the latest games are primarily made for desktop users? Over the years, gaming and game developers have worked on desktop systems’ limitless potential to bring their creativity and innovation to life. Using cutting-edge technology, graphics, and great ecosystems to work around the concept is possible when you hire desktop game developer.

Several stakeholders have shown an inclination toward PC game development. The entire process is streamlined and hence becomes the most popular platform for the game-making process. Millions of gamers across the globe prefer the desktop to the console. Desktop games are most sought after and played due to their accessibility with or without the internet.

Leading game companies like Parallel Galaxies hire desktop game developers to create top-performing PC games in different genres. We have a highly intellectual and motivated professional team who work on concepts and ideas that reflect the expectations of the client.

In this blog, we shall check out the expectations of a desktop game developer and the required skill sets that make them part of the game-developing core team.

Desktop Gaming Industry Overview

The exponential growth of the gaming industry has set the ball rolling for several gaming companies to delve more into making gaming a more exciting and immersive experience to connect with their audience better. The projected growth of PC games has shown a tremendous upswing, and desktop game developers have seen a professional high in the recent decade with a boom for qualified desktop game developers.

Numbers indicate a notable increase in PC games market value and valuation of 12.9% (CAGR) during 2023-2030. The increasing interest in gamers has accelerated desktop gaming development across the globe. Emerging economies are now facilitating gaming development in a big way. Gaming companies like Parallel Galaxies focus on the creative aspects to enhance the immersive experience for gamers. They have worked on launching and rewriting codes for diverse platforms and also found solutions to incorporate into a standalone product (used by cloud platform gamers).

Key aspects of hiring a desktop game platform developer

How do you hire a desktop game developer? Let’s check out how we need to navigate for the best programmers in gaming.

Several aspects come into play when designing and developing games. Hiring the best in the business ensures gaming development companies stay relevant in this ever-evolving gaming market. Artificial intelligence thrown into the gambit and advancement in producing games of the future makes it hard to find developers who take the risk, and it pays off in the end. 

No developer can fit the bill as we need to find desktop game developers who can develop games in a concise time frame and have experience in gaming and headlining several projects. Finding the right candidate is a tall ask as we look into the work quality, checks and reviews before hiring someone who can change the fortunes of the gaming studio.

Game engine architecture and its performance knowledge can only be figured out by an experienced and talented developer. As 3D programming and computer graphics have become an integral part of gaming, developers must work on learning and honing their skills to align with the changes in the gaming tech world.

Parallel Galaxies has an innate ability to spot talent and hire to enrich its development team. They can cope with advanced versions of game engines and trending audience needs by hiring well-adjusted specialists who have taken their roles seriously to headline successful projects.

The expertise and unique approach of Parallel Galaxies.

Game developers should be able to work on both front-end and back-end, which actually showcases their proficiency. Hiring desktop game developers can be a tedious process as they are not only responsible for gameplay mechanics, characters, and audio assets but actually create the story for the game. Knowing and working with several languages and technologies makes a game developer a specialized professional every gaming studio will want to hire.

Explain how clients can hire desktop game developers from Parallel Galaxies. Parallel Galaxies is at the top of its game in the hiring process as we search for dedicated, talented professionals.

Some of the things that we look for in a desktop game developer:

  • Responsible for every stage of development (planning, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch and post-launch)
  • Be able to work on the game design, including the modeling mechanics and prototypes
  • Know how to find and fix bugs at each stage.
  • Be able to handle workloads and deadlines.
  • Understand the consumer base well.
  • Aware of working on an allocated budget
  • Know how to pick the right technologies for the gaming project

Other skillsets that make our desktop game development team unique and relevant are:

  • Knowledge of game engines
  • Popular gaming languages like Java and C++
  • Understand the complexity of the gaming development process
  • Familiar with the latest trends in technology and concepts
  • Critical and analytical thought process

Parallel Galaxies is known for its pre-vetting process before hiring a desktop game developer onboard. We have ramped up our development team with full-time contract engineers. We have the uncanny ability to select the best developers regarding their areas of expertise. Over the years, we have been able to assemble development teams across several continents.


Gaming development team members are a significant part and parcel of the gaming community. Hiring the best, most talented candidate for the desktop game development job needs insights from every perspective. With an eye for the future and appraised knowledge of the dictating trends and technological innovations in the gaming industry, every gaming company is on the lookout for!

Best Web 3 game development company in India

Explore the cutting-edge realm of Web3 game development with our premier company in India. Combining creativity and technology, we redefine the industry by delivering immersive experiences. Our expert team, armed with cutting-edge technology, crafts captivating games that ensure your venture stands out in the dynamic landscape. Join us on the blog as we unravel insights and trends, showcasing our expertise as the leading Web3 game development company in India.

Have you wondered what it is to see gaming at the next level? We will take you through this experience and give you insights into how Web3 gaming development in India will shift the gaming industry. And why you should be part of this change and understand the profound impact of Web3 gaming. When you discover the numerous benefits of associating with Parallel Galaxies for Web3 gaming, which uses decentralized technologies and its potential, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity.

Best Web 3 game development company in India

Several gaming companies across the globe have dived into the Web3 game development bandwagon with enthusiasm as they know that they always have to provide a world wherein players can dive into immersive virtual experiences. Parallel Galaxies is one of them. For a long time, they have understood the perspectives on the current and future of web3 gaming trends.

Let’s explore and discover all about Web3 gaming development with Parallel Galaxies and understand why gaming companies like them have taken up this trend to stay ahead of the curve in gaming.

Web 3 Gaming Industry Overview

Gamers know that Web3 has enabled a higher sense of autonomy for the player as they own in-game assets. Industry experts have predicted a gradual rise in how gaming will change completely with an increased emphasis on immersive virtual experiences. Then, there is the creation of authentic ownership for players to have through the use of blockchain technology in a transparent manner.

Top Web3 game developers like Parallel Galaxies can work on concepts across various platforms because the assets are interoperable even when used in different games. The players can unlock the value of their assets and have unique gaming experiences. For a long time, developers have aimed to create unique and customized games for players to enhance their experience. Since Web3 makes the game player-centric, it makes it the right approach for gaming in recent scenarios.

Parallel Galaxies gaming services

Understanding quite well that Web3 gaming reduces downtime and brings about transparent gaming experiences to the players, Parallel Galaxies has ventured into being a Web3 gaming development service provider with their professionally qualified developers’ team and made many games a success story.

  • Terms and codes are required for your metaverse gaming and DAO to prevent any changes. We develop such smart contracts so that they run securely on Web3 gaming platforms as per the DAO community rules.[DAO- work like gaming platforms with opensource codes but no affiliation to gaming administrators or operators, enabling a player-centric ecosystem]
  • Including blockchain-based gaming allows our developers to create a decentralized gaming platform wherein both the backend and frontend are built. We make them open-source, autonomous, and designed using UI/UX to work on Web3 games.
  • Since in-game assets are used for trading, our gaming experts ensure players can do so in NFT marketplaces. Developers help design, innovate, and launch the games to enable interoperable assets in marketplaces.
  • Our expertise is in creating highly scalable, highly immersive gaming spaces and robust 3D gaming modes players experience.
  • A higher level of transparency through blockchain technology allows the players to verify the game mechanics and its fairness.

Parallel Galaxies now looks forward to creating games where players feel empowered and have deeper connections, building more loyalty towards the game through the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) rules.

Parallel Galaxies’ expertise, technology stack, and unique approach

Parallel Galaxies is a world-class competitor in gaming development with its approach and innovative techniques. They hire Web3 gaming developers who are exceptionally talented to handle the latest cutting-edge technologies required for gaming.

What we do:

  • In-game transactions need ample support that web3 libraries and apps provide.
  • Remix IDE makes smart contracts that monitor and govern the game processes.
  • Gaming information has to be extracted, which is possible only through nodes, enabling Web3 libraries to interact with the smart contracts.
  • For that immersive experience, XR hardware allows the linking with the gaming ecosystem using smart glasses, haptic gloves, scanning sensors, and much more.
  • Powering decentralized 3D applications requires open, interoperable media standards that contain texts, audio, 3D scenes and vectors.

The above-mentioned components form Parallel Galaxies’ game development technology stack for Web3 gaming. However promising Web3 gaming may look, it has its share of challenges, such as the issue of scalability in the future, the high transaction costs and definitely the environmental concerns that need to be addressed. Building consensus on tackling these issues and creating future dynamic environments for enabling immersive gaming experiences and gameplay strategies.

Benefits of Web 3 Game Development with Parallel Galaxies

Many gaming studios and firms assessed the benefits of one of the most popular tools in game development. Web3 allows companies like Parallel Galaxies, one of the leading Web3 gaming developers, to concentrate on the storylines and concepts easily, as the rest of it is taken care of by this tool, which takes over.

  • Players get ownership of in-game assets and interoperability across games and platforms.
  • Upgrading of old and popular games with metaverse and used on blockchain platforms.
  • The game is more player centric.
  • Coming with its own ecosystem offers innumerable advantages, including negligible downtime.
  • Blockchain-based gaming provides a high level of transparency.

The best gaming concepts and innovation are key aspects of gaming, and several studios may offer to showcase such facilities. However, when you have expert blockchain developers and advanced skilled team members in the digital space hired by Parallel Galaxies, the best Web3 game development company in India, you are assured of no compromise on quality.

Why hire us for your web3 gaming development

Parallel Galaxies matches the advanced technologies with the project requirement after a thorough analysis. The professionals work on the concept to bring up the best Web3 game that will compete in the global market. Using the blockchain networks and virtual assets that go with the Web3 gaming platform for global gamers to play and compete.

Our best offer:

  • Budget-friendly gaming development services
  • Maintenance & upgrade services
  • Proactive approach
  • Certified developers
  • Trending tech & concepts


We explored what web3 gaming entails with Parallel Galaxies and how to develop it using revolutionary technologies. A realization dawned for the gaming sector to grow and flourish. We saw that a whole new paradigm shift could be achieved when blockchain technology is used along with Web3 gaming. It has become a transformational change for the digital gaming industry.

Best Unreal game development company in India

Have you wondered why many of today’s most popular games are developed using the Unreal engine? It is unsurprising because of Unreal’s innumerable features, especially Unreal Game development company in India, like Parallel Galaxies, to create compelling action and realistic games for gamers worldwide.

Gaming has gone beyond the traditional form of entertainment, as games are now the new form of engagement and interactive medium. You will find many categories in gaming, such as social gaming, play-to-earn, portable game assets and mixed reality experiences. Top Unreal game developers, like Parallel Galaxies, use several high-end technologies such as game engines, gameplay mechanics and more. Gaming is moving at an unbelievable pace, which may soon dominate other sectors in terms of financial gains.

Best Unreal game development company in India

Parallel Galaxies has the best set of skilled professionals and resources to be the best Unreal game development company in India. Having the technical expertise and experience to utilize critical technologies like the Unreal engine to support game development is a huge boosting factor in developing some of the best gaming projects.

 How Parallel Galaxies uses the Unreal engine

Let us look at what the Unreal gaming tool offers developers and how the gaming industry benefits from using the Unreal engine.

The Unreal engine has been used to make some of the cult games of our times, such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which shows how indispensable Unreal is to the gaming industry. Creating universes and games with a concept and tool that allows your wildest imagination to become a reality has drawn developers to associate with Unreal gaming development.

As a company with longstanding experience, Parallel Galaxies has passionately provided Unreal gaming development services. They know that the engine has a high degree of portability, allowing users to use it on various platforms. With tools such as the Unreal engine, the firm has taken steps to become part of the fast-growing global gaming market.

Unreal Game Platform Development by Parallel Galaxies

Over the years, the Unreal Game Platform Development has seen several iterations of the engine, allowing developers more flexibility each time, which could include creating custom maps in the game. Another reason our developers are biased in choosing only Unreal Engine as part of the game development technology stack is because modders could jump in and put together their own content for others to check out and play.

Unreal engine makes use of C++ as it provides stability and good memory allocation; hence, it is a popular choice among our development team. Optimized 3D environments can be created easily with Unreal, giving an upper hand to 3D developers. This tool is free and a great way for beginners to try their hand at gaming; however, professionals at Parallel Galaxies will know exactly how to choose the right options and optimize the features with the right code and graphics used to create highly complex games.

Several gaming companies have jumped into the foray of game development as gaming revenue is a trillion-dollar industry. Not to be left behind, Parallel Galaxies is creating immersive gaming experiences and is leading the leaderboard in terms of skill and creativity in many projects.

Benefits of hiring Parallel Galaxies for Unreal Game Development

Unreal engine is just the tool developers will want in their kitty for gaming development. It gives the power to create realistic games and provide life-like terrain, foliage, and other kinds of environments for gamers to explore. Having an Unreal tool while developing a game enables a Parallel Galaxies developer to work on delivering visual grandeur without diminishing the gameplay mechanics. Here is a list of benefits developers are attracted to, making it a part of their gaming development.

Since the tool allows Blueprint Visual scripting systems, writing a single line of code is unnecessary. However, professionals prefer to use C++ language. Leading Unreal game developers and designers love to use the Unreal tool as it offers a wide range of options to create complex scene effects. The various parameters may overwhelm the user. Moreover, as you proceed to develop the game, selecting the right concepts becomes easier.

Our developers use Unreal engine to:

  • Create extensive environments
  • Physically-based rendering
  • Add depth and complexity to non-playing characters with the help of AI
  • Enable gameplay complexity
  • Allow scalable multiplayer framework
  • Built an interactive environment

Parallel Galaxies has been a boon for Unreal game development in India. Since they have extremely talented developers who are well versed in AR/VR and mixed reality using the Unreal engine, developers can look forward to using its complex rendering at high framerates to deliver the best gaming experience, and their portfolio boasts of Unreal game case studies.

Hire Unreal Game Developer from Parallel Galaxies

When developing high-quality games, gaming firms look to candidates who know how to work with some of the most popular gaming tools trending in the market. Unreal Engine is definitely one of the tools that our qualified developers utilize. Creating immersive experiences requires stunning visuals and interactive applications, which Unreal can provide with its innumerable features.

Seeking the right candidate to fit the job profile may seem tedious. The most basic requirement, especially for Unreal game development, is proficiency in using the Unreal engine while optimizing the game using its features. It’s vital to know the C++ programming language the best game development practices, and have experience in game development concepts. Familiarity with relevant platforms will ensure they can handle the game development assignment well.

Those who want games developed by skilled and reputed Indian Unreal game developers can hire Parallel Galaxies. Clients can trust the developers from this gaming company because of their years in this business and their success rate. They have hand-picked a team of proficient developers specializing in game development. The skilled technicians have trained and worked on several high-end projects using the latest technologies. They can work with any platform, language, tool, etc., to provide the client with the best gaming outcomes.

Why we are the best for Unreal gaming development

Parallel Galaxies is known for its extensive experience in gaming development. We have a committed team for UE games to provide great immersive experiences with exciting gameplay mechanics.

Our developers offer to provide:

  • Full-cycle unreal game development
  • AR/VR/MR based development
  • Game porting to real engine
  • Excellence in art & animation
  • Upgrading UE version
  • Game testing
  • Perfect delivery pipeline
  • End-to-end project testing

Our team of specialists with various functional expertise and backgrounds will successfully provide the best gaming development project.


The unreal gaming community is vast, and developers here are big supporters of each other. Whether you choose to get a project greenlighted with Unreal engine, Parallel Galaxies happens to be your best bet, with several projects headlined by this gaming development firm over the years. They have updated themselves with the latest Unreal engine features and worked on making impactful gaming developments.

Best Unity 3D Game Development Companies in India

Are you an aspiring gamer interested in Unity game development? Then, it’s the perfect time to join the bandwagon because the gaming market is booming, and there is definitely a demand for our excellent Unity 3D game development company in India.

Best Unity 3D game developers in India

Gaming companies in India know that the game development market is at its prime. However, it is still competitive. One of the leading Unity 3D game developers, Parallel Galaxies, uses expert personnel and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best solutions while staying ahead of the competition. The tools and expertise enable them to create games that have high-definition graphics with realistic characters. Their developers can dream of making the best interface design to create a highly rewarding experience.

What is Unity 3D, and how is it used?

Game production requires many tools and techniques to develop complex and unique games. It is one of the most used gaming tools in Unity, which forms a major part of the game development and production process. Developers use it to take care of 3D rendering, physics, and collision because the built-in physics of Unity takes care of every detail. Several video games on 2D and 3D use this tool as it prevents them from beginning programming from scratch.

Parallel Galaxies has established itself as one of the best Unity 3D game development companies in India. They are an excellent game development unit that designs high-quality graphics and advanced UI. They even design decentralized platforms and multi-currency wallets with the intent of social gaming possibilities in every corner of the world.

Unity 3D Gaming Industry Overview

Most of the gaming industry has found Unity to be the most useful game engine and compatible across multiple devices. Having several robust features makes it an easy choice for game developers to build both 2D and 3D game designs. A number of successful gaming projects, either large or small, have used Unity for its resources, including instant assets, IDE, online community assistance, free tutorials, and intuitive tools.

Gaming development needs specialized professionals. You can hire a Unity 3D game developer team like Parallel Galaxies, which has been able to build and consolidate over the years. Having superior levels of expertise and skills in Unity 3D game development has paved the way for delivering exceptional design, artwork, and creativity along with testing & production.

Unity 3D Game Platform Development

Key challenges in developing the Unity 3D game platform.

Top gaming companies in the world and India have vouched for Unity 3D for gaming development. Most mobile games are developed using this tool. Discover how we, leading Unity 3D game development companies in India, like Parallel Galaxies, leverage Unity’s unique features for crafting exceptional mobile games. Explore the possibilities:

  • Great support for 2D and 3D games, enabling exceptional graphics and native AR/VR. Even third-party tools and services can be used to build AR/VR games because Unity can also integrate them.
  • The developer finds it easy to design a UI with all the elements using Unity while switching to code when required.
  • Unity uses default coding languages Visual Studio (environment) C# and Unityscript, which makes it easier for developers to build strong code for the game.
  • Unity meets the requirements of most platforms (25+), making it universal, which is rare for a development tool.
  • Popularity among the community is vast and growing because a Unity developer job is one of the most sought-after. The community, however, also offers great tech support, hands-on manuals and overviews that help further the game development.
  • Mostly, Unity is a free tool, and some added features are priced, which comes with pricing schemes for developers.

With so many exciting features, shortcomings of the tool also happen to bug the developer. However, experts at Parallel Galaxies have found solutions for the same, such as:

  • A lot of choices can overwhelm you, and choosing the right one for developing the game may take time. Though features start from basic to complex, developers can make the changes as they go along.
  • Certain functions need coding before being used in the game; not all of them have direct usage. So, knowing the default languages of Unity will be handy in developing impressive games.
  • Visual Studio is Unity’s default environment. The developer may have to log in several times in the middle of the development process, which may be frustrating for some.
  • With innumerable features in Unity, some haven’t been documented; if they are, they are outdated. The community support does a great job when you request help.

Parallel Galaxies has been creating immersive gaming experiences with 3D Unity for some time now, and developers have understood the potential of the tool very well to help launch some of the best-known games using Unity 3D gaming development.

Our Unity 3D Game Development Services

Gaming companies offer complete and varied solutions in gaming development. Top Unity 3D game developers, Parallel Galaxies, bring to life the game from pre-production to post-production. There is ample scope for full-cycle development. Gaming project revamps and migrations as required. Companies also provide game developmental task outsourcing services to the Unity engine.

  • Building the game through authentication for each platform
  • Content management using cloud code, cloud content delivery, cloud save service, remote configuration, and user-generated content.
  • Using DevOps to build automation and have VCs for version control
  • Game hosting for multiplayer, providing lobby for players, helping operate multiplayer games, and providing peer-to-peer networking solutions.
  • The engagement of players can be gauged and analyzed, setting up overrides to target players to provide personalized in-game behavior and push notifications to selected players.
  • Help build community by using the Friends service to increase player engagement with the social system. Leaderboards store, sort and track the players’ scores. Vivox enables both voice and text technology with several features.
  • Crash reporting allows for cloud diagnostics from basic to advanced.
  • Finally, the game could be scaled up and monetized with Unity’s economy service. Also, there is a provision for in-app purchasing services as well.

Parallel Galaxies offers Unity 3D game development services worth looking out for as they provide the best in 3D modeling and animation, Unity Cross Platform gaming, Unity Metaverse game development, and Unity VR game development. The development team develops games for all genres with the assurance of high-quality game creation.

What we do the best

  • Provide end-to-end game development
  • Deliver LiveOps Services
  • Enable game prototyping
  • Develop multi-platform compatibility
  • Game porting and migration
  • AR/VR for gaming

We develop the best games for gamers across the globe with the help of certified developers at Parallel Galaxies. Every genre and gaming preference adheres to meet the gamers’ requirements. We work exclusively on UX-Driven design and development using the agile methodology to provide the best functional games. Our focus has been to hire a cross-functional and diverse team for gaming projects.


If you are looking for Unity 3D game development firms, look no further. We definitely make the mark with some of the best-skilled professionals working for us who have successfully driven several projects. We make the best use of your resources, take the risks for you, and help your business grow.



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