Hire Android Game Developer

Have you seen statistics on the number of developers entering the gaming sector? It definitely is overwhelming when you check out the amount of competition game developers face. They must constantly innovate to apply trending concepts and offer gamers the best experiences. The ambition often is to deliver the next big hit game. It is huge pressure and often accompanied by timeframes, budgets and, most of all, using cutting-edge technologies. However, when you hire Android game developer in India, we believe in constructive competition while our work speaks of individuality and uniqueness, making us the best destination for gaming development.

Hire Android Game Developer

The usage of Android platforms has increased over the years as they offer more flexibility for the gaming developer than an iOS platform. Android game development has evolved with time, more so depending on the kind of gamers’ requirements. With advanced technologies assistance to fulfill those needs, developers need to make them exciting and relevant for the game to become popular and earn revenue.

Companies like Parallel Galaxies have fixed strategies when hiring team developers. Each time they have sought new members for a project, they have focused on candidates who bring something new to the table. Apart from the usual qualifications and skillsets that are part of the profile of a developer, the company has an eye for finding talented Android game developers who work beyond concepts and create a product that can sustain competition.

Android Gaming Industry Overview

Challenges of hiring an Android game platform developer

An Android developer needs to have both the creative talent and technological skillsets to be a developer of some repute and get great project development contracts. Game designing and game development are the crux of every gaming company that handles several such projects for various platforms and genres.

Smartphones are evolving quickly, and Android apps are now part of most phone users’ lives. The rise in the use of such innovative and exciting apps has definitely caused a surge in demand to hire Android game developers. However, there are challenges that gaming companies face, most of the common ones being that the aspirant has to have in-depth knowledge of programming as well as be well-versed in design aspects. Not many Android game developers have proficiency in both, and it often comes with experience and inherent talent.

A rare breed of Android game developerswho quickly assimilate the trends and work on incredible concepts is what every gaming studio looks forward to when they want to hire top Android game developers. This combo is hard to crack, yet some developers have worked on their skills over the years and managed to hit the jackpot.

Parallel Galaxies has a unique approach that provides talented Android developers an opportunity to work on some of the best gaming projects. Game developers have a great career path ahead of them when they are hired at our gaming firm. We consider developing games a passion and an art form that can actually spellbind gamers all over the world.

Hire Android Game Developer

When you create gaming applications that cater to users across the globe, an android game developer in your team needs to meet all the specifications and experience. They are not only proficient in Android Software development Kit but also aware of several programming languages, such as Java, C++, and Kotlin. We also check for other technicalities listed below.

 The qualities required for hiring best Android game developers:

  • Know how to develop and design games using the Android platform
  • The usage of GitHub is vital for Android developers as they can collaborate, download new software versions, make the required changes, and upload them.
  • Have experience in working with cross-functional teams to develop and design for deploying new application features
  • Knowing how databases (MySQL, MongoDB) work and their analysis
  • Must know how to implement  external data resources and APIs
  • Know how to fix bugs after finding them in the gaming app
  •  Adapt to new technologies and implement them in the gaming app to enhance performance

The skillsets required for hiring Android game developers in India:

  • familiarity with the latest version of Java and its syntax, and well-versed with the latest structures of Java to build apps seamlessly
  • know how to make the app interactive for exceptional user experience
  • Ability to implement lists and grids with RecycleView, design complex layouts, use vector drawable, etc., to make easy-to-use responsive and engaging gaming apps.
  • User interface navigation is crucial for various elements of gaming apps, which is important for Android game developers to know.
  • Using testing libraries such as Expresso, Junit, Mockito, Roboelectric and UI Automator.
  • Cross-platform application development.
  • Know database technologies such as DBMS, which requires working with DML and DQL to update and access the database, respectively.
  • Good knowledge of API and third-party services
  • Security implementation for data breaches
  • Know Git well to use the version control systems

Parallel Galaxies has found a carefully vetted system that they use to hire best Android developers for their gaming projects. They get tested for skills and qualities for working in a highly competitive environment wherein deadlines must be met and work as a team to bring together a highly competent gaming app for the clients.


Gaming development can only be successful when talented teams work on the project with dedication and passion. Hiring Android game developers for the development team is often stressful as many professional developers may not always fit the changing requirements. The evolving technologies and trends often find the right fit for the job. Several assessment tests that check for technical and non-technical expertise on every level allow gaming companies to hire talented developers.



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