The company is dynamic enough to adapt to new technologies and ideas like Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain, AI, etc. The company believes that the opportunity for these emerging new fields will create a sea-change in the near future in many areas of life and businesses – like Education and Training, Healthcare, e-sports and Entertainment, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Space and Aviation Science, Military Science, etc.

Parallel Galaxies is ready to tap the opportunities and create a perfect ecosystem for the upcoming Metaverse revolution and the Meta-world. The company believes in equal opportunities and upliftment of its employees and other stakeholders and always strives for the best customer experience. The company also likes to provide a platform to those who have ideas – to materialize those ideas into reality with minimum cost and maximum quality. Parallel Galaxies takes the mission to promote the existing trend of digital transformation and the ever-growing revolution happening around Web 3.0 to the everyday aspects of human life.


Senior Game UI Designer

Junior Game UI Designer



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