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About STS

Parallel Galaxies

STS is an exciting metaverse game built by our developers to win and customize their land and assets. The game creates an amazing space for players in the virtual world to interact with each other in a decentralized ecosystem.

  • The game allows players to buy virtual plots of land on the platform.
  • Players can create their own experiences in the virtual space.
  • The concept is similar to other existing popular metaverse games.
  • The developers have worked on creating eye-catching aesthetics.
  • The game is definitely a step up in technological innovation.
STS game

About the STS project

While developing STS, we embarked on creating a new social platform and not limiting the players to only gaming. Our goal was to ensure interaction among gamers and build communities. The entire STSVC universe uses a high-end tech stack of Unity3D, Maya, Substance, Painter, and Photoshop. The game works well on PC EXE, PC browser, Android mobile, iOS iPhone, and iPads, allowing gamers to enjoy their gaming experiences on devices of their choice.

Developers have used X blockchain to power the virtual reality platform for the STSVC. The land ownership feature in this game consists of a decentralized ledger. It is a protocol put in place for describing the content of each land parcel for the gamers’ benefit. The gamers can look forward to peer-to-peer interactions during play. Usage of a dedicated network specifically created to ensure players can know and form associations with other gamers during the course of play.

Game concept

Parallel Galaxies has reworked and innovated several gaming concepts to adhere to the trends, and STSVC is one such game that takes gamers by surprise. It is built to create experiences never felt before for players, as they can buy and own parcels of land during play. It provides an incredible chance to earn funds for both content and applications.

The player needs to know a few things about the game:

  • STSVC is made up of parcels of land
  • Players can monetize these land parcels
  • Each land parcel is 16m X 16m, called basic
  • Other land parcels are exclusive
  • Experiences are created on one or more land parcels called scenes.
  • The player gets into an X contract after buying a land parcel, which becomes a digital asset or an NFT.
  • The land parcels are identified by Cartesian coordinates (x,y)
  •  Game cryptocurrency is used to purchase land parcels.
  • The currency works like a token for the game.

After understanding the above features of the game, the players can ultimately take charge of creating and controlling the environments, applications, and even the static 3D scene to become more interactive.


The developers have worked hard to ensure the gameplay mechanics are a notch above most games, giving players a free hand so that they can create, experience and monetize content and applications. The game has various dimensions that enable players to work on their creativity and make changes as they play. They also benefit by taking on ownership duties as they buy parcels of land using the tokens.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that can help the gamer navigate the game successfully

  • Landowners can control the kind of content to be published on their portion of land.
  • The ownership of the STSVC is by the community, which controls all its creations.
  • Ownership of land is through a blockchain ledger of parcels.
  • The land parcel is a scarce and transferable digital asset
  • The bought land is stored in X smart contracts.
  • The token is ERC20, known as game cryptocurrency, and can be used to purchase in-world digital goods and services.
  • Tokens or game currency are obtained by playing events and then used in the game for land purchases.
  • Gamers can purchase virtual land, skins, clothes and accessories as NFTs.
  • Purchases will be recorded and attached to the user's wallet.
  • The players can resell their NFTs in the open sea market or the Biance marketplace.


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