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About Ninja Dawn

Parallel Galaxies

Ninja Dawn is an amazing new game developed by one of the leading metaverse game developers in India, Parallel Galaxies. Of the several new projects, Ninja Dawn is one of their high-concept games built by an efficient gaming development team using Unity3D, Maya, Substance Painter, and Photoshop.

The creators of the game have added several aspects that excite gamers. Apart from providing an immersive experience, this game has many incredible elements, making it one of our best gaming projects.

About Ninja Dawn
  • Ninja Dawn can run on all platforms like PC EXE, PC browser, Android mobile, iOS iPhone, and iPad.
  • The game has drawn inspiration from Final Fantasy X but with a whole lot more changes incorporated in terms of innovation and graphics.
  • The gamer will find a contemporary setting, seemingly the era and ambiance suited to modern times, enabling gamers to fit into the game easily.
  • Adding NFT to this metaverse game lets players check out in-play buying. (there are specified parts for this)
  • Ninja Dawn is definitely set against the backdrop of a theme based on Japanese culture.
  • The concept has a storyline that includes monsters, referencing Japanese culture.

About the project

Ninja Dawn is an exciting game anticipated by gamers who love this genre. The Development team has worked very hard to ensure that it has a compelling storyline concept-based metaverse game. The gamer can not only play but buy NFTs, which is the USP of the game. Every part of the team worked on building the character sketch to pre-rendered backgrounds to make the game interesting.

A seamless transition during the battles forms the story's natural part. Creating exacting field maps and allowing players to move around the landscape during enemy encounters is a marvelous take on design and development. Our developers have used new techniques to recreate elements to work with the battle strategy of the game, making it more interactive for the gamer.

Game concept

The story begins with a player selecting their character in the Ninja Dawn for the fight. Let’s now check how the gameplay follows:

  • The play starts with a fight and choosing the weapon of choice from the scroll.
  • The fight can begin after choosing the weapon from the scroll, beginning with a basic attack.
  • The player will attack the enemy as part of the combat, and there will be to and fro in terms of attacks that ensue during the game.
  • The player also has a mate who will help during the fight.
  • The player’s friend will continue to attack the enemy.
  • The player also gets to fight, and this carries on.
  • This is part of the game intro and tutorial.
  • To reach the next level, story mode, the player must play at least 100 games and win 50 of them.
  • After that, the player gets to open the map to start playing story mode.
  • The story has two quests for the player to conquer (as of now, more will be unlocked in the future)
  • A player who completes these two quests will receive 3 scrolls and 10 rounds as a reward.
  • The player will also get a Rare Warrior title for completing the story.

 (The player gets notified when a new storyline is added to the game)


Parallel Galaxies has built this game, analyzing every aspect of gameplay and how it can become an adventurous and fulfilling gaming experience. Here are some of the tips and tricks for the gamer to be aware of while playing to get through all levels successfully:

  • Since Ninja Dawn is a turn-based game, choosing the main player and taking turns to fight the enemy in a one-on-one fight will be important.
  • The players need to use the scrolls efficiently and get their wins with the opponents.
  • Here, the NFT is a character required by the player, which holds the 5 scrolls at the very beginning of the game.
  • Game tokens are required to play the game and form a part of the entry fee to participate in the fight.
  •  The winner of the fight gets 80% of the winning amount from the total tokens.
  • The players can choose 3 warriors for the fight by selecting default warriors before the fight commences.
  • Each warrior chosen has a different role to play in the game.
  • The warriors are tasked to provide support, use the tank, assassinate etc.


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