Halfway through the BIO WAR Countdown Theme Due to political tensions between our country and Mitagonia, we found our country negotiating peace with Mitagonia for over a month. Yet, it doesn’t seem like any peace treaty is forthcoming, and both countries are about to head for a war. It was during this upheaval, our secret agency intercepted an encoded message sent from the Mitagonia government to a Mitagonian spy-ring located in our country. Thankfully, our Secret agency was able to decode it, revealing that Mitagonia is going to start a Bio-war on us in seven days. For this very purpose, Mitagonia has developed a man-made virus, “DOVIC – 91.” They have also developed a vaccine as a precautionary measure in case the virus gets to any of their men. This evil act is precisely what our secret agent uncovered to our government, so we decided to send an undercover agent to retrieve the vaccine formula to negate the bio-war threat. Our secret agent went to Mitagonia and successfully apprehends a vial that contains the vaccine. As soon as he retrieved the vaccine, he informed the head of our secret agency about his return plans, which require that another undercover agent would pick-up the secret agent with the vaccine from the airport base according to a blueprint plan. Unfortunately, both the secret agent with the vaccine and the agent who went to the airport for pick-up didn’t arrive at the agency headquarter after several hours, plus their phones were not reachable. So, the head of the secret agency perceived something must have gone wrong, and he assembles a team to find out what happened. They traced their phone to a location and arrived at the location. It was an abandoned building. They search the building and found a room which is locked. They opened the door and entered the room. As soon as the door closes…

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