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Parallel Galaxies is a top game development company that has been delivering wide range of cost-effective, end-to-end game development services for the past 20 years. Our sheer passion for gaming drives us to develop captivating, engaging and innovative games. Our portfolio includes a wide range of games including metaverse, AR/VR with integration technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML and IoT.

At Parallel Galaxies we offer bespoke game development service that includes every element right from conceptualization to development, testing and support. And the job does not end here. As we know this industry is dynamic, technology keeps updating. In order to deliver a seamless game experience our team of developers update the platform with necessary updates.

Being one of the best game development companies, we understand your bracket; resource, time and budget without compromising the quality. We take pride in delivering cost-effective game developing solutions. Whether you are a start-up or large gaming company, we pay equally attention to meet your goal.

Full-cycle game development

From the initial concept through the final release and beyond, our experienced team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way.

Pro team

Our years of experience in the field have given us an in-depth knowledge of gaming, allowing us to provide you with insightful advice grounded in reality.

Analytics & publishing

Our team of skilled employees has successfully completed over 100 projects for clients all around the world within a short period.

We are trusted

Our track record of successful projects and good client feedback demonstrate our dependability and experience. Transparency, clear communication, and on-time project completion strengthen our game development industry reputation.

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We create projects that are remembered; combining fascinating mechanics, high-quality graphics, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology.


We create projects that are remembered; combining fascinating mechanics, high-quality graphics, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology.


We offer the full-range of game development services, and can cater to whatever need is required. Our team can start a project from scratch, or carry out separate stages of development.


As one of the successful companies in game development services, we are dedicated to providing you with first-rate gaming solutions by using cutting-edge software and...

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Metaverse Development

Parallel Galaxies is a well-established Metaverse game production company, so you can rest assured that your investment in this cutting-edge 3D platform will yield optimum...

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AR / VR Application Development

We offer AR/VR development services that create AR/VR apps. These apps incorporate features such as video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering.

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Application Development

Parallel Galaxies is a highly esteemed performer in the game development and application development, dedicated to providing an exceptional experience in this field.

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Blockchain Development

At Parallel Galaxies, one of our core missions is to simplify difficult development processes, and the development of blockchain technology is no exception . The...

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Welcome to the forefront of gaming evolution – Parallel Galaxies! As an agile tech hub in Kolkata, we’re your go-to choice for epic game development. Specializing in Metaverse magic, AR/VR
wonders, immersive simulations, real-money thrills, NFT wizardry, and more, Parallel Galaxies crafts mind-bending gaming experiences that redefine fun.

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Basically game development is a process of create a game of different genres including adventures, sports, casino, action to name a few for a specific platform such as mobile (android iOS), Web, PC, Xbox and PS4. No matter what type game to be developed it has go through various steps.

We follow several steps to develop a game.
Concept: This is where we do initial planning like concept, design, story and art.
Pre-production: In this phase, planning and prototyping take place. After the planning, we create a roadmap. It also includes game type, platform, target audience and budget.
Production: This is the phase where we develop the actual game and it includes coding, graphics, arts, sound, music and voice acting.
Testing: At this stage, a game is fully developed having all the features however to ensure game is ready to go, we carry a series of test including functionalities, playtrough , bug, module, memory and all.
Pre-launch and launch: We recommend pre-lunch. Let the game industry knows about our game. We share game review, blog, news, and screenshot so the audience get to know about this. And then we launch the game
Post-launch support: As games are dynamic, we keep updating the game in terms of content, code, features.
Community engagement: We reach out to player community to take feedback about the game. This helps us to create a fan base.

Parallel Galaxies is one of the best the best game development companies because of their technical expertise, constantly game innovation and proven record of delivering high engaging games.
Our commitments to player engagement and community building further reinforce our standing one of the best game development companies globally

You can make a request for quotation at Should you wish to have a word with our team or to check some of our demo call us at +91 95999 30380

We respect your privacy and digital assets. In order to protect your gaming concept, we do an NDA and SLA to keep your information safe and secured.

Simple call us at +91 95999 30380 or drop us a mail at Give us brief about your game.

It depends project to project. It may cost you 30,000 to 3,00,000 USD.

It depends on the types of game, features and technologies. Some games take up to six months, wherein some take years.



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